Laima Čakstiņa

 2020.20 July, certificate of achievement issued by the International ACADEMY - S, the status of  ROYAL ARTIST

 2019. October 23 - 24, EUROPEAN BEAUTY FESTIVAL, ''Open Workshop'',  Germany, Munich (membership)

2018. December 8-9.  International masterclass in London!  Eyebrows „Airy Powder” author's technique demonstration!

2018.07.07. Organization of an international masterclass in Riga!  Eyebrows „Airy Powder” author's technique demonstration!

2017.g. Official dredmark for my signature eyebrow technique Airy Powder (tredmark registration No M71123) and my signature lip                   technique Tempera Lips (tredmark registration No M71715).

2017.g. I have been granted the right to use international quality mark on my work photographies since april.

2016.g. 28.10. - 30.10 Permanent make up Congress PRET-A-PORTER . The latest in this area. Moscow.

2016.g. International independent permanent make-up master collegium in Odesa (Ukrain)

2015.g. Permanent Make up conference and masterclasses in Moscow (certificates).

2015.g. Masterclass by Oxana Dillmann (Germany) "Microblading Eyebrows Method" (certificate).

2014.g. 02.11 - 03.11, Masterclass by Oxana Dillmann (Germany) "Microblading Eyebrows Method" (sertificate).

2012.g. 28.11.-30.11, Seminar by Konstantin Bogomolov „ Stylish image :Theory and design” (sertificate)

2011.g. 31.10. – 05.11. ”Goldeneye International Teachers Meeting” International skills develpment courses

2007.g. – 2010.g. College of Cosmetolgy Teacher of Micropigmentation course

2007.g. 02.11. Special jury prize at the International Micropigmentation competition ”Perfect Line”

2007.g. 08.09. Galateja- training centre of professional cosmetologists Micropigmentation Certificate level C1, C2,C3

2007.g. 05.02. Galateja – training centre for professional cosmetologists Micropigmentation Certificate level 1,2,3

2006.g. International Makeup art school The second level of professional qualification- makeup specialist

2004.g. 12.06. Business Administration School ”Turība” The 5th level of professional qualificati

1988.g. Medical College named by P.Dauge Dental technician