Eyebrow micropigmentation

  • Airy Powder (owned technique, trade mark Number M 71123)
  • Combined technique – hair stroke technique with shading, two-tone hair stroke technique
  • Shade technique (compact filling technique)
  • Powder technique with ombre
  • Under eyebrow highlighting (creates visual lifting effect)

Micropigmentation of eye area

  • Filling of the eyelash area (creates thicker lash effect)
  • Varied  eyeliner thicknesses (contour liner)
  • Creative techniques – eyeliner with shading, filing of lash area with shading, varied thickness, shape and intensity of  lid shading
  • Multi-tone combinations
  • Highlighting in inner corner of the eye

Lip micro pigmentation

  • Tempera Lips (owned technique, trade mark Number 71715)
  • Contour liner with light, medium- deep  or full shading
  • Shading without contour line 
  • Pearl effect
  • Nude effect
  • 3D visual volume effect (multi-tone transition)
  • Highlighting of the upper lip (to create fuller effect)

Correction work

  • Correction of work done by other specialists (correction of form, color)

Laser correction

  • Laser correction of poor quality permanent make-up or tattoos

Paramedical procedures

  • Camouflage of the dark circles in under eye area
  • Scar camouflage. Post traumatic, post-operative scar camouflage (as a result they become less noticeable)
  • Camouflage of alopecia (hair-loss in eyebrows, eyelashes). Imitation of eyebrows or eyelashes in appropriate technique.

Micropigmentation for men

  • Eyebrow  shape correction
  • Highlighting of the upper 
  • Creation of shade effect below the bottom lip.